Dubstep Blog Austria (now dubstep.at) is a platform for underground Dubstep and sound system culture. It started in January 2013 as a blog documenting the activity around Dubstep in Austria and now functions as a platform and network for artists, DJs, and crews.

After the end of the hype of commerical Dubstep, its vaporization in mainstream music and re-entry into the musical underground where it belongs to, dubstep.at, Austria's first and longest running platform and initial forum for Dubstep in and around the country, and dubstep-blog.at, a blog dedicated exclusively to the deep, rooted Dubstep in Austria, will continue to serve information about undground Dubstep in Austria.

Yours truly

Christian, Flo, Rainer, Georg

  • Guest Mixes on FM4 La Boum Deluxe

    Last Friday (25.03.2016) two great mixes representing Austria's Dubstep scene were broadcasted on FM4 La Boum Deluxe. You can listen to them for 7 days thereafter: DubApe for Basstrace: FM4 Mix | Track | Artist | |-------|--------| | Untitled | DubApes feat. Protone | | Attention Span | DubApe | ...

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  • Happy New Year 2016!

    I decided to ditch Facebook in 2016 in favour of more "offline" promotion and writing here on this blog. I won't delete my pages Dubstep Blog Austria and Foundation but I will not maintain it any more. The only way I am still connected to Facebook is by using the ...

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  • Subpac M2 is coming!

    I usually do not write about things that are not related to the Austrian Dubstep and Bass music scene. That's just how it is. However, from time to time you need to break your own rules ... Something worth breaking the rules for, is the Subpac. The Subpac is an ...

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  • Basstrace Showcase Mix on FM4

    Isonoe, founder of Basstrace and owner and opertator of the Modulith sound is doing a Basstrace Showcase mix on FM4 La Boum Deluxe tonight. Sendung verpasst? - 7 Tage lang nachhören! Link: fm4.orf.at Austria Frequencies Worldwide - Stream About Isonoe Founder of BASSTRACE, Owner & Operator of MODULITH, Core member ...

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  • Sound System Culture Conference 2015

    We're very happy to announce that Dubstep Blog Austria and various other crews from all across Austria were invited to be part of this year's first Sound System Culture Conference which is part of Outlook Festival. SSCC is the first conference of its kind and fits perfectly into the environment ...

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